The MBWBLUE is a portable Wireless M-Bus Modus T1, T2 and C1 transceiver (EN13757-4 / OMS) with Bluetooth interface and lithium ion accumulator power supply. Together with an appropriate handheld computer (PDA or notebook with Bluetooth interface) you get a powerful mobile radio meter reading system.


  • Mobile reading of radio meters


  • EN13757-4 mode T1, T2 and C1 transceiver
  • Bluetooth 2.1 class 2 (10 m) interface
  • 868 MHz version
  • External rod antenna
  • Protection rating IP64
  • Tough mechanical design with rubber protection around the enclosure
  • Dimensions approximate 159 x 77 x 33 mm without rod antenna
  • Integrated lithium ion accumulator with charging circuit
  • Approximate 20 hours of operation with fully charged accumulators
  • Free software library for radio telegram reading available

More information is available at the download center

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