The MBWGPRS is a wireless M-Bus T1, T2 and C1 transceiver (EN13757-4 / OMS) with data logger, UMTS / GPRS modem and lithium battery power supply. The integrated USB interface is used for configuration. The MBWGPRS is programmed for a certain radio reading interval (e.g. once per hour or every 6 hours) where it switches on its internal T1 receiver and stores all received radio telegrams to the internal data logger memory. Equally, it is programmed to connect itself to the Internet using a UMTS / GPRS connection and upload the received radio data to an FTP server (e.g. four times per month). Since the MBWGPRS is working without external power supply and since it only needs a mobile network (UMTS / GPRS) for connections to the Internet it may be operated at nearly every installation location.


  • Reading and data logging of resource consumption at installation locations without infrastructure


  • EN13757-4 mode T1, T2 and C1 transceiver with internal antenna or external SMA antenna connector (option)
  • UMTS / GPRS penta band modem with internal antenna or external antenna (option)
  • Power supply with on site replaceable lithium battery module
  • Battery life time: depending on reading interval and FTP upload interval between 0.2 years to 7 years
  • Internal non-volatile flash data memory for 58,000 radio telegrams
  • USB 2.0 configuration interface
  • 868 MHz version
  • Protection rating IP67 or IP65 according to option, enclosure with pressure compensating element
  • Dimensions approximate 195 x 130 x 70 mm (standard version without external antenna)
  • Configuration and reading software included (English, French, German)
  • Software for interpretation of uploaded FTP files included

More information is available at the download center

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