M-Bus Application

M-Bus Application is an M-Bus device (EN 13757-2/-3) readout program which is especially useful for developer of M-Bus devices and M-Bus network installer. M-Bus Application can read any M-Bus meter and verify its telegram for conformity. Multiple settings and testing options allow error tracing in M-Bus communication.


  • Reading of M-Bus devices
  • Error tracing in M-Bus networks
  • Verifying the M-Bus conformity of M-Bus devices


  • Supports all M-Bus modes, also older modes like mode 2 and fixed telegrams
  • Supports serial interfaces with baud rates between 300 and 921600 baud
  • Detailed timeout setting
  • Primary addressing and different secondary addressing
  • M-Bus primary address search and secondary address search
  • Free configurable commands and scripts
  • M-Bus device test with defined erroneous telegrams
  • DES64 and AES128 enciphering and deciphering
  • Supports modems with AT command set
  • Windows XP / Vista (PC)
  • Demo version available at the download center

More information is available at the download center

How to order M-Bus Application:

Orders for M-Bus Application may only be accepted from companies.

The full version of M-Bus Application is available as “company-site” license only. If you buy a license you can use M-Bus Application throughout your company at one specific site on as many PCs in parallel as you like. Take a look at the complete license agreement in the manual of the free demo version. (Download Center)

Before ordering please check also the terms and conditions of sale (terms and conditions of sale).

The company-site license of M-Bus Application is available at 340.34 € (German VAT exclusive, delivery DDU according to Incoterms 2000).

The delivery is on CD-ROM with one printed manual in English and one printed manual in German language. The program itself is only available in English language.

German companies may order M-Bus Application with a written letter order to

Michael Rac GmbH
Sonnnenfeld 29
91522 Ansbach

or a FAX order

FAX to +49 981 9775686

Please specify for which site the license should be valid (e.g. “Herewith I order M-Bus Application for company XY in Demotown”).

The M-Bus Application CD is usually delivered free of charge within 7 week days together with the invoice. The terms of payment are 14 days net after the date of the invoice.

European companies may order M-Bus Application with a credit card using one of the links beneath:

Secure Server M-Bus Application (Product ID: 42961)


Standard Server M-Bus Application (Product ID: 42961)

If you do not like to pay per credit card, you may demand the transmission of a pro-forma invoice for prepayment (bank transfer). Please use the contact page for this purpose.

Please do always state your European VAT identity number.

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