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The MBWREP mini is a battery-operated radio range extender for wireless M-Bus modes T1 and C1 consumption meters.


The battery-operated MBWREP mini is used when the radio range between the consumption meter and the receiving center is insufficient. For this purpose, up to 10 wireless M-Bus modes T1 and C1 radio consumption meters are configured, whose radio frames are then received and forwarded.


  • Radio range extension 


  • Radio transceiver for wireless M-Bus (EN13757-4) modes T1 / T2 and C1 / C2, especially for open metering (OMS) consumption meters (868 MHz)
  • Internal antenna
  • Forwarding of a maximum of 10 consumption meters
  • Configuration via optical interface (EN 62056 / IEC1107)
  • Completely potted housing, protection class IP67
  • Dimensions approx. 80 x 105 x 35 mm
  • Power supply by lithium batteries, not changeable, battery life time between 6 months and 4 years depending on configuration
  • Including configuration software (English, French, German) for Windows 10


MBWREP Software Manual (PDF) 01/2024
MBWREP Software Installation (EXE) 1.10
MBWREP Software Installation (ZIP) 1.10
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