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The MBWBLUE is a portable radio transceiver with Bluetooth interface for wireless M-Bus modes T1 / T2, C1 / C2 and S1 / S2 consumption meters with internal power supply from a rechargeable battery.


The MBWBLUE is used for mobile reading of wireless M-Bus modes T1 / T2, C1 / C2 and S1 / S2 radio consumption meters (electric, gas, water, heat) (walk-by or drive-by). Together with a suitable portable computer (Windows 10) or smartphone (Android), you get a powerful, mobile readout system. Due to the waterproof housing (IP64) and the mechanically robust construction (EN 60721 class 7M3), the device can also be used in harsh environmental conditions without additional housing protection. The MBWBLUE is also equipped with a serial interface for the configuration of consumption meters.


  • Mobile radio consumption meter reading with Bluetooth data transfer to a portable computer (Windows 10) or smartphone (Android)


  • Radio transceiver for wireless M-Bus (EN13757-4) modes T1 / T2, C1 / C2 and S1 / S2, especially for open metering (OMS) consumption meters (868 MHz)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (classic) Class 2 (10 m) interface
  • External SMA antenna socket for high-performance antenna
  • Integrated lithium ion battery with charging circuit
  • Approximately 20 hours of operating time when fully charged
  • Housing protection class IP64
  • Mechanically robust design with housing impact protection
  • Dimensions approx. 160 x 85 x 40 mm without rod antenna, antenna length approx. 180 mm
  • Software function libraries for Windows 10 and Android for reading OMS wireless consumption meters available free of charge


MBWBLUE Device Manual (PDF) 11/2021
MBWBLUE Installation Sheet (PDF) 07/2021
MBWBLUE Windows 10 Library Manual (PDF) 11/2017
MBWBLUE Windows 10 Library (EXE) 1.98
MBWBLUE Windows 10 Library (ZIP) 1.98
MBWBLUE Android Library (ZIP) 1.03
MBWBLUE CE Declaration of Conformity (PDF) 07/2021
MBWUSB Software Manual (PDF) 08/2021
MBWUSB Software Installation (EXE) 2.33
MBWUSB Software Installation (ZIP) 2.33
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