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The MBWLTE is a battery-operated radio data collector for wireless M-Bus modes T1 / T2 and C1 / C2 consumption meters. It is equipped with an LTE modem and a data concentrator.


The MBWLTE is a stationary data concentrator for radio consumption meters working according to wireless M-Bus modes T1 / T2 and C1 / C2. Equipped with a lithium battery for an extremely long service life (up to well over 10 years, depending on the configuration), memory for up to 58.000 radio frames and an LTE modem, it is used where data from radio consumption meters (electricity, gas, water, heat) is collected, stored and transferred to a control center, whether there is mains power supply available or not. Due to the waterproof housing according to protection class IP67 (only versions with internal antennas) or protection class IP65 (versions with external antennas) and an operating temperature range of -20 °C to + 60 °C, the MBWLTE can be used for non-weather protected outdoor installations (temperate climate). The MBWLTE is the successor to the MBWGPRS for mobile networks of the 4th generation (LTE), in particular LTE cat M1 (LTE-M, long term evolution for machines) and LTE NB-IoT (NB-IoT, narrow band internet of things). LTE-M and LTE NB-IoT have been developed to use less energy for communication than standard GSM / UMTS / LTE networks. Therefore, the battery life of the MBWLTE will generally double compared to the MBWGPRS.


  • Stationary radio consumption meter reading with data transmission via LTE cellular network


  • Radio transceiver for wireless M-Bus (EN13757-4) modes T1 / T2 and C1 / C2, especially for open metering (OMS) consumption meters (868 MHz)
  • Internal antenna or external SMA antenna socket for high-performance antenna
  • LTE modem for data transmission in the LTE-M (preferred) or LTE NB-IoT cellular networks, for all European LTE frequencies
  • Power supply via field replaceable lithium battery pack or optional plug-in power supply
  • Battery life up to well over 10 years, depending on the configuration of the readout frequency and data transmission
  • Internal, non-volatile data memory for approx. 58,000 radio frames
  • External USB 2.0 configuration interface, standard USB driver
  • Housing protection class IP67 or IP65 depending on option, housing with pressure compensation element
  • Standard version MBWLTE with 4 batteries and small version MBWLTE mini with 2 batteries
  • Dimensions approx. 195 x 130 x 70 mm (MBWLTE) or 175 x 90 x 55 mm (MBWLTE mini), each without external antenna
  • Including configuration and readout software (English, French, German) for Windows 10 and Android
  • Including software for the automatic interpretation of the transmitted data (for OMS radio consumption meters) for Windows 10


MBWLTE Device Manual (PDF) 01/2024
MBWLTE Installation Sheet (PDF) 01/2024
MBWLTE Software Manual (PDF) 01/2024
MBWLTE Software Installation (EXE) 2.13
MBWLTE Software Installation (ZIP) 2.13
MBWLTE CE Declaration of Conformity (PDF) 07/2021
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