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New Wireless M-Bus Data Concentrator for LTE-M

The wireless M-Bus data concentrator MBWLTE is the successor to the MBWGPRS for mobile networks of the 4th generation (LTE), in particular LTE cat M1 (LTE-M, long term evolution for machines) and LTE NB-IoT (NB-IoT, narrow band internet of things). LTE-M and LTE NB-IoT have been developed to use less energy for communication than standard GSM / UMTS / LTE networks. Therefore, the battery life of the MBWLTE will generally double compared to the MBWGPRS.


  • LTE modem for data transmission in the LTE-M (preferred) or LTE NB-IoT cellular networks, for all European LTE frequencies
  • Battery life up to well over 10 years, depending on the configuration of the readout frequency and data transmission
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